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Working with a variety of products from companies such as peerless, InFocus and B-Tech, we can provide you with a customized audio-visual solution to meet your home and business needs.

Pull down high definition screens, in either 16:9 or 4:3 format, combined with a ceiling mounted projector and surround sound system are an ideal combination for a home theatre.  Flatscreen televisions also give the homeowner the option of mounting the television directly to the wall with the cables being hidden in the wall.

Boardrooms utilize many of the same components but also need to flexible enough to accommodate multiple sources of input - DVD, multiple computers and require access to the internet and conference call equipment (Polycom devices and cameras).

Smartboards are also becoming a more familiar tool in both the boardroom and the classroom. SmartLink Networks can provide you with either a fixed or moveable Smartboard solution to work with your existing whiteboards and corkboards.

Need to have a flatscreen television installed as part of an interactive messaging system so your staff (or even students) can be up to date on sales results/projections, meeting times, dates and locations? SmartLink Network has installed suspended and wall mounted systems in both educational and corporate environments.

Our experienced installers have provided solutions for boardrooms, homes and classrooms.

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