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In order to have an efficient network, a lot of planning has to go into the design and implementation of your network. SmartLink Networks offers a consulting service to help you determine your network needs and the best way to implement them.

Poor installation can result in decreased performance from your network and possibly damaged cables that require replacement.  Over time, this can result in inefficiencies in your day to day operations that cost you time and money.

Installation pathways and protective items such as conduit and raceways may need to be installed to offer protection to your cables. Choosing the right cable for the job is also essential - fiber vs. copper, CAT5e vs CAT6 - to the efficient operation of your company.

Have you accounted for future growth?  Have cables installed for future growth can help save you money by avoiding repeated service calls.

SmartLink Networks is aware of industry standards and practices to help you with these decisions.

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