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Do you have data cables that were installed for future growth but were never terminated?  Do you have data jacks that were damaged during the moving of furniture?

SmartLink Networks can replace any damaged jacks or terminate any existing data cables.  Cables are terminated using jacks and methods that offer the  least amount of obstruction to the end user and that minimize the likelihood of it being damaged again.a_IMG_1287__Large_

Each cable installed by SmartLink Networks is tested using the Level II Fluke DSP-4000 cable tester.  The Fluke tester provides valuable information about the cable such as the cable’s integrity, distance, noise level and much more.  It also certifies that a cable is within specs for the cable (i.e. within CAT5e specs if CAT5e cable is installed). Data cables are clearly and neatly numbered and labeled for future reference.

Cables that were not installed by SmartLink Networks can also be tested to help identify potential problems with performance.  If the network is not properly or accurately labeled, you could be wasting valuable troubleshooting time just trying to find the correct connection.

If requested, a detailed report showing the test results for each cable tested can be provided.


SmartLink Networks uses a Fluke DSP4000 and Fluke DSP4300 Level II tester to certify that a cable will perform within industry specifications.  These testers also allow us to provide clients with a Hubbell Mission Critical Warranty 25 year warranty or the Molex 25 year System Performance and Application Assurance Warranty.

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